Town of Plymouth, USA

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Location: Town of Plymouth, USA

Time: 2019

Treatment Capacity: 19m3/d

WWTP Type: Integrated FMBR Equipment WWTP

Process: Wastewater→ Pretreatment→ FMBR→ Effluent

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In March 2018, in order to discover the leading edge new technologies in the field of wastewater treatment and achieve the goal of reducing the energy consumption of wastewater treatment, Massachusetts, as a global clean energy center, publicly solicited cutting-edge technologies for wastewater treatment globally, which was hosted by Massachusetts clean energy center (MASSCEC), and carried out innovative technology pilot in the public or authorized wastewater treatment area of Massachusetts.

The MA State Environmental Protection Agency organized authoritative experts to conduct a one-year rigorous assessment of the energy consumption benchmarks, estimated consumption reduction targets, engineering plans, and standard requirements of the collected technical solutions. In March 2019, the Massachusetts government announced that Jiangxi JDL Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.’s “FMBR Technology” was selected and granted the highest funding ($ 150,000), and a pilot will be conducted at the Plymouth Airport Wastewater Treatment Plant in Massachusetts.

The effluent treated by FMBR equipment is generally stable since the operation of the project, and the average value of each index is better than the local discharge standard (BOD≤30mg/L, TN≤10mg/L).

The average removal rate of each index is as follows:

COD: 97%

Ammonia nitrogen: 98.7%

Total nitrogen: 93%

FMBR is the abbreviation for facultative membrane bioreactor. FMBR uses the characteristic microorganism to create a facultative environment and form a food chain, creatively achieving low organic sludge discharge and simultaneous degradation of pollutants. Due to the efficient separation effect of the membrane, the separation effect is far better than that of the traditional sedimentation tank, the treated effluent is extremely clear, and the suspended matter and turbidity are very low.

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