After nearly 20 years of development, our company has formed a set of products and services with FMBR technology and as the core. What we provide you is not only our FMBR products but also a set of advanced and mature sewage treatment solutions.
  • Integrated FMBR Equipment

    Integrated FMBR Equipment

    It is a high integrated wastewater treatment equipment, only needs pretreatment system, effluent system and a small amount of civil work to build a WWTP, which makes the construction work simple and fast. It is suitable for the hotel, scenic sport, school, golf course, airport, commercial area, urban and rural area, decentralized treatment and etc.
  • Structured sewage treatment plant

    Structured sewage treatment plant

    The highly integrated integrated equipment only needs to add the pretreatment system the water outlet system and a small amount of civil engineering to build a sewage treatment plant, making the construction of the treatment plant simple and fast. It is suitable for multiple application scenarios such as hotels, scenic spots, schools commercial districts, towns, and distributed processing.

Sewage treatment service

We have a strong R&D, engineering design, O&M, manufacturing teams which are able to provide customized wastewater treatment solutions, wastewater treatment plant design, wastewater treatment plant O&M, equipment supply and wastewater project investment.
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions
    Wastewater Treatment Solutions
  • WWTP Design, WWTP O&M
    WWTP Design, WWTP O&M
  • Equipment Supply
    Equipment Supply
  • Wastewater Project Investment
    Wastewater Project Investment