Rural Decentralized WWTP

Location: Jiangxi Province, China

Time: 2014

Total Treatment Capacity: 13.2 MGD

WWTP Type: Integrated FMBR Equipment WWTP

Process: Raw WastewaterPretreatmentFMBREffluent

Project Brief: This project covers 120 central towns within 10 cities and adopts more than 120 FMBR equipment, with a total treatment capacity of 13.2 MGD. By using the remote monitoring + mobile service station management model, all the units can be operated and maintained by very few people.

Location: Zhufang Village, China

Time: 2014

Treatment capacity: 200 m3/d

WWTP Type: Integrated FMBR Equipment WWTP

Process: Raw WastewaterPretreatmentFMBREffluent

Project Brief:

Zhufang village FMBR WWTP project was completed and started operation in April 2014, with a daily capacity of 200 m3/d and a service population of about 2,000. The project’s O&M services is provided by JDL. By using of the Internet Remote Monitoring + Mobile O&M Station management mode, the project O&M work is simple and easy, and the equipment has been running stably till now. In the daily operation, there is few organic sludge discharged, no odor and little impact on the surrounding environment. After treatment, the effluent of the equipment reaches the standard stably, which avoids the pollution of the water body caused by the direct discharge of sewage, and effectively protects the rural water environment.

International Projects


International Peace Keeping Force

At present, FMBR equipment has been applied in many overseas countries such as Italy, Dubai, Egypt, etc., covering a number of organic wastewater treatment occasions such as military camps, schools, hotels, etc., and the company has been listed in the UN procurement supplier catalogue!