High Effluent Quality WWTP (River & Surface Water Discharge)

Location: Nanchang City, China

Time: 2018

Treatment Capacity: 10 WWTPs, the total treatment capacity is 116,500 m3/d

WWTP Type: Decentralized Integrated FMBR Equipment WWTPs

Process: Raw Wastewater→ Pretreatment→ FMBR→ Effluent

Video: youtube

Project Brief:

Due to the insufficient treatment capacity of the existing wastewater treatment plant, a large amount of wastewater overflowed into the Wusha River, causing a serious water pollution. In order to improve the situation in a short time, local government selected JDL FMBR technology and adopted the decentralized treatment idea of "Collect, Treat and Reuse the Wastewater On-sit".

Ten decentralization wastewater treatment plants were set up around the Wusha River basin, and it just took only 2 months for one of the WWTP’s construction work. The project has a wide range of treatment points, however, thanks to FMBR’s characteristic of simple operation, it does not need professional staffs like the traditional wastewater treatment plant to stay on the site. Instead, it uses the Internet of Things + Cloud Platform Central Monitoring System and mobile O&M station to shorten the response time on site, so as to realize long-term and stable operation of wastewater facilities under the unattended conditions. The effluent of the project can meet the standard, and the main indexes meet the Water Reuse Standard. The effluent replenishes the Wusha river to make the river clean. At the same time, the plants were design to integrate the local landscape, realizing the harmonious coexistence of wastewater facilities and surrounding environment.