Bajing Town, China

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Location: Bajing Town, China

Time: 2014

Treatment Capacity: 2,000 m3/d

WWTP Type: Integrated FMBR Equipment WWTPs

Process: Raw Wastewater→ Pretreatment→ FMBR→ Effluent

Project Brief:

By referring to the wastewater treatment practices of other townships, Bajing town planed to transport sewage to the suburbs for treatment at the beginning. However, due to the high sewer investment, the difficulty in pipe network construction and the large footprint of treatment plant, the project was suspended. In order to achieve efficient wastewater treatment, the local government finally selected the JDL FMBR technology after study. The treatment capacity of the project is 2,000m3/d, the footprint of FMBR equipment is only 200m2, and the overall footprint of the WWTP is about 670m2. The sewage treatment plant is located nearby in a residential community, and the plant area is covered with plantings which is integrated with the landscape of the residential community. Since the completion of the project, the stable operation has been achieved, and the effluent quality has reached the standard of wastewater reuse.

FMBR technology is a sewage treatment technology independently developed by JDL.The FMBR is a biological wastewater treatment process that removes carbon,nitrogen and phosphorus simultaneously in a single reactor.Emissions effectively solve the “neighboring effect”. FMBR successfully activated the decentralized application mode, and is widely used in municipal sewage treatment, rural decentralized sewage treatment, watershed remediation, etc.

FMBR is the abbreviation for facultative membrane bioreactor. FMBR uses the characteristic microorganism to create a facultative environment and form a food chain, creatively achieving low organic sludge discharge and simultaneous degradation of pollutants. Due to the efficient separation effect of the membrane, the separation effect is far better than that of the traditional sedimentation tank, the treated effluent is extremely clear, and the suspended matter and turbidity are very low.

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