Lianyungang City, China

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Location: Lianyungang City, China

Time: 2019

Treatment Capacity: 130,000 m3/d

WWTP Type: Facility Type FMBR WWTP

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In order to protect the local ecological environment and highlight the appearance of a livable and industrial coastal city, the local government chosed FMBR technology to build a park-style ecological sewage treatment plant.

Different from the traditional sewage treatment technology which has large footprint, heavy odor, and above-ground construction mode, the FMBR plant adopts the ecological sewage treatment plant construction concept of “above ground park and underground sewage treatment facility”. The adopted FMBR process removed the primary sedimentation tank, anaerobic tank, anoxic tank, aerobic tank, and secondary sedimentation tank of the traditional process, simplifies the process flow and greatly reduces the footprint. The entire sewage treatment facility is hidden underground. After the sewage passes through the pretreatment zone, FMBR zone, and disinfection, it can be discharged and used as water for plant greening and landscape while meeting the standard. As the discharge of residual organic sludge is greatly reduced by FMBR technology, there is basically no odor, and plant is environmental friendly. The entire plant area has been built into a waterscape leisure plaza, creating a new model of sewage treatment plant with ecological harmony and reclaimed water reuse.

FMBR technology is a sewage treatment technology independently developed by JDL.The FMBR is a biological wastewater treatment process that removes carbon,nitrogen and phosphorus simultaneously in a single reactor.Emissions effectively solve the “neighboring effect”. FMBR successfully activated the decentralized application mode, and is widely used in municipal sewage treatment, rural decentralized sewage treatment, watershed remediation, etc.

FMBR is the abbreviation for facultative membrane bioreactor. FMBR uses the characteristic microorganism to create a facultative environment and form a food chain, creatively achieving low organic sludge discharge and simultaneous degradation of pollutants. Due to the efficient separation effect of the membrane, the separation effect is far better than that of the traditional sedimentation tank, the treated effluent is extremely clear, and the suspended matter and turbidity are very low.

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